Drought Conditions – Please Conserve Water!

Drought Conditions – Please Conserve Water!

July 22, 2023 – The recent high temperatures and low rainfall are creating a challenge for our water system and we are now under Stage 1 of the District’s Drought Contingency Plan. The following measures are currently in effect.

Voluntary Water Conservation Meaures

  • Check for water leaks and make necessary repairs
  • Minimize non-essential use and follow water conservation tips below
  • Limit irrigation to 2 days per week, between 7:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. (see table below for schedule)
Even-Numbered Homes
Thursdays and Sundays
Odd-Numbered Homes
Wednesdays and Saturdays
All Others
Tuesdays and Fridays
If the usage levels do not drop, we may be forced to impose mandatory water restrictions in accordance with the Drought Contingency Plan.

Quick ways to save water:

  • Turn off the sink while shaving or brushing teeth.
  • Shorten shower time.
  • Patronize a local car wash instead of doing it in the driveway.
  • Hold off on power washing until we get a little rain.

Thank you for your cooperation.