Constable Spotlight

Bridgestone MUD would like to place the spotlight on Sergeant Bryan Frasier!

The Bridgestone MUD community is proud to be involved with such outstanding constables who make it their priority to keep our families and our community safe. These constables swore an oath to protect and serve and they continually strive to live up to that oath. Due to this fact, we feel they deserve our recognition. Every quarter we will place a new Bridgestone constable member in the spotlight and include information about their career and the love they share for serving our community. This quarter we would proudly like to highligt Sergeant Bryan Frasier!

Meet your Constable!

Officer’s name and rank?
“Sergeant Bryan Frasier”
How long have you been apart of Pricinct 4?
“I have proudly served the community for 15 years.”
What made you want to join law enforcement?
“Having family in law enforcement. This encouraged me to want to be part of a profession that has a positive impact on people’s lives and within the community.”
Have you received any special awards pertaining to education or police training?
“I am certified through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement as a Master Peace Officer, police instructor, field training officer, crime prevention specialist, crime scene photographer, and received a Public Safety Supervisor Certificate through Texas A&M University’s Texas Engineering Extension Service. In addition, I have received a Community Policing Award, and Officer of the Month Award.”
What is the most enjoyable part of your job?
“The best part is seeing a child who gets excited when he or she sees a police officer and shares their dream of one day becoming an officer. It is very satisfying when police officers are role models to the next generation.” 
What do you hope to accomplish while serving this precinct?
“I want to keep the residents of Precinct 4 and the Bridgestone community safe through community awareness, having an impact on society, and deterring crime.” 
What has been your most memorable moment on the job so far?
“My most memorable moments are being able to lead by example and help new officers learn this profession.”