Constable Spotlight

Bridgestone MUD would like to place the spotlight on Corporal Dennis Cowan!

The Bridgestone MUD community is proud to be involved with such outstanding constables who make it their priority to keep our families and our community safe. These constables swore an oath to protect and serve and they continually strive to live up to that oath. Due to this fact, we feel they deserve our recognition. Every quarter we will place a new Bridgestone constable member in the spotlight and include information about their career and the love they share for serving our community. This quarter we would proudly like to highlight Corporal Dennis Cowan!

Meet your Constable!

Officer’s name and rank?
“Corporal Dennis Cowan”
How long have you been apart of Precinct 4?
“I have had the honor and joy of working at Harris County Precinct 4 Constables Office for 14 years”
What made you want to join law enforcement?
“I have always had a passion and found great enjoyment in helping people. I started by working as a paramedic and felt a calling to do more.”
Have you received any special awards pertaining to education or police training?
“I am certified through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement as a Master Peace Officer, Police Instructor, Field Training Officer, Crime scene Photographer, 100 Club Officer of the year in 2021, and have been credited and recongnized with a Life Saving Award in 2022.”
What is the most enjoyable part of your job?
” My favorite part about being a police office is serving others. having the opportunity to help people in a bad situation and provide them with resources to turn their lives around. As a Field Training Officer, I can teach and mentor new officers to prepare them with the right skillsets and methods needed in this profession.” 
What do you hope to accomplish while serving this precinct?
“I will continue to lead by example and strive for making a positive impact not only on the Bridgestone community but to all those I have encounters with.” 
What has been your most memorable moment on the job so far?
“There are many memorable moments throughout my career but the one that stands out is responding to a medical emergency call where I was able to assess the victim needed immediate life saving action. Due to having an EMT background i was able to perform CPR that saved the victim’s life and he was able to walk out of the hospital five days later.”