Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Bridgestone MUD will begin a sanitary sewer rehabilitation project in the Bridgestone and Bridgestone West subdivisions. Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2024 and is expected to continue through the year.

Sanitary sewer collection systems are critical infrastructure that transport wastewater from residential homes and commercial businesses to wastewater treatment plants. The proper functioning of these systems is crucial for public health and environmental protection. The public sanitary sewer system in the Bridgestone and Bridgestone West subdivisions was installed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. As sanitary sewer lines age, they become more susceptible to cracking, root infiltration, grease buildup, offsets, sags, etc. Over the last five years, the District has taken a phased approach to clean, televise, and identify deficiencies within the sanitary sewer system. Proactive rehabilitation reduces the likelihood of system failures such as sewer backups, overflows, and collapses.

This project will consist of repairing and rehabilitation the aging and damaged sanitary sewer lines, leads, clean-outs, and manholes within the Bridgestone and Bridgestone West subdivisions. The project’s first phase is currently in design and intended to rehabilitate the sanitary sewer trunklines that feed into the District’s wastewater treatment plant. In the future, we will proceed with two other phases of the project, which will rehabilitate the more minor repairs of the sanitary sewer system. Residents will be notified several times before the contractor mobilizes.

The images below show the areas to be included in the first phase.

For more information, download the project newsletter.